Winter is Coming! So is the darkness!

Having your own storage container on hand is a great way to free up space in your business or home. It also is a great way to protect items that can be affected by the weather. As the days grow shorter, the business day does not. So, we must work through the darkness and work safely doing so. To fix this problem, Mini Warehousing offers Quick Lite kits for containers of any size. These LED magnetic light fixtures are a quick and easy to install solution to light up your container. The lights are expandable by plugging one into another and come with a switch and double outlet that all you have to do is plug into an extension cord provided by you. Having Quick Lites will not only let you operate your container during the evening but they also help you keep everything organized and prevents accidents.

Nothing is worse than going into a storage container blind while trying to hold a flashlight and ending up tripping over an item that is being stored. With Quick Lites, you will no longer have to scale the walls of your unit while walking inside. Some of the benefits of Quick Lites include:

  • All Lights and Switch/double outlet combo are magnetically mounted. Mount Lights and Switch anywhere that suites your needs in the container.
  •  3′ LED lights mean no bulbs to change and no warm up time due to cold temperature.
  • Modular set up allows you to add more lights as needed.
  • Takes minutes to install and doesn’t penetrate the container roof or walls.
  • Plug in with a standard extension cord.

Bring light to your storage containers today by giving us a call and asking about our Quick Lite Kits!

Don’t have power nearby? Take a look at our Solar Light kit. This kit comes with a solar panel,
battery for power storage and 4 individual switched light bulbs. Contact us for more