Why Choose Us?

Why Choose Mini Warehousing, Inc?

Mini Warehousing, Inc., located in Mansfield, MA, was established in 1976 due to the demand for storage space. Our team is dedicated to providing our customers with high-quality containers, outstanding service, and efficient delivery. We offer containers for purchase or rent, and our new containers can be customized for whatever you are looking for—concession stands, office space, donation bins, etc. Over the years, we have increased our fleet of containers to over 4,000 units.

Why should you choose Mini Warehousing to rent and purchase your next storage container? We take great pride in responsive, reliable service and quality equipment. We will ensure that your equipment is delivered when promised, and if any problems arise, we’ll contact you beforehand to arrange alternatives. 

We provide clean, well-painted, and well-maintained equipment to keep your items safe. For longer-term transactions, such as purchasing a container, we can customize equipment to help blend in with your surroundings or business. Our delivery drivers are professional, polite, and customer service-oriented. We provide various equipment sizes and configurations and can react quickly to provide customized services to meet your needs.

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Our Offerings

On top of our storage containers for purchase and rent, we also offer a variety of accessories for you to build the storage container that matches all your needs.

Storage Container Locking Systems: Mini Warehousing offers locking systems that provide added security. These additional locking mechanisms are bolt-cutter-proof. For an additional installation fee, these systems can be added to our storage containers.

Storage Container Shelving Units: At Mini Warehousing, we offer ConEXTRA for shelving, which utilizes brackets and pipe racks, allowing maximum space. This system is so simple and light that anyone can install it.

Lighting Options for Storage Containers: We offer two lighting options at Mini Warehousing. Our Quick Lites magnetic lighting solutions are available for rent and purchase. We also provide a solar light option for those looking to avoid electricity. Bring lighting inside your storage container to keep it organized. 

Storage Container Ventilation: It’s essential to keep fresh air circulating through your storage container, especially in the hot summer months, to prevent any musty, closed-space smell. Powered fans also help eliminate any heat or moisture issues that can occur. We offer solar-powered fans and standard-powered fans. 

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If you are searching for storage containers for rent or purchase, consider working with Mini Warehousing in Mansfield, MA. We offer containers in various sizes, from 6′ to 40′, and different customizable options. Contact us today at 800-548-5408 or request a quote to get started.