Utilize Mini Warehousing Inc. for Custom Point of Sale Kiosk-Containers for Your Spring Event

Point-of-sale storage containers allow event organizers to quickly assemble point-of-sale kiosks. If you need a quick & hassle-free point-of-sale installed for your event, these containers are your best option. From being a useful tool at sports events to grabbing attention at musical events and festivals for product sales, our containers have been featured at events across the country.

With these kiosks at your event this spring, you will have an eye-catching, sturdy and secure place to sell food, raffle tickets, merchandise or provide information to participants. By getting your point-of-sale containers from Mini Warehousing Inc., you can capture more revenue for your event.

Let’s look at some of the events our point-of-sale containers have helped organizers below:

Point of Sale Containers for Sports Events

Point-of-sale containers are the best type of portable kiosk for sporting events. They ensure your lines move smoothly, the physical stand/ layout will be exactly what you desired, and, when there is a high burst of traffic, the event can continue to run at optimal efficiency. The multiple swings up awning/ countertop combinations ensures a smooth checkout flow when the cashier & staff have a system to process orders instantly as they come in.

Point of Sale Containers for Music & Festival Events

Music and festival events attract thousands that are ready to spend.  As a venue organizer, you need point-of-sale containers that can be quickly set up and are functional. Our containers have helped organizers of the following events:

  • Music festivals
  • Air shows
  • Barbecue cook-offs/ Food Festivals
  • State Fairs
  • Farmers Markets

With point-of-sale containers at these events, you can manage multiple stands across your venue’s areas, allowing you to monitor customer traffic patterns, interact with multiple vendors, and manage credit card processes and sales recording.

Other Uses for Point-of-Sale Containers

Our point-of-sale kiosks add convenience and provide a functional point-of-sale box that fits your needs. It can instantly organize all your sale points into one central space, in addition to being an ideal space for displaying your products.

Some of the best uses of the point-of-sale containers include:

  • Selling food at fairs, festivals, and events
  • Selling raffle tickets at events and processing credit card payments etc
  • Serving as an information booth for the participants at an event
  • Being the central point of interaction with the vendors at fairs and events
  • Collecting customer information

Containers can be Painted Specific to Your Event or Brand

Point-of-sale containers do not have to look like the storage containers you may be used to. Mini Warehousing Inc. offers full custom paint to reflect a specific vendor’s brand or the overall theme of the event.  Draw the attention of potential customers with custom colors and designs!

Mini Warehousing Inc.- Customized Event Point-Of-Sale Storage Containers

Mini Warehousing Inc., offers its customers the best point-of-sale containers that are ideal for spring, summer, fall & even winter events. Whether it is a large-scale music festival or a state fair you’re in charge of hosting, we guarantee a smooth experience in everything from container delivery to pick up. We are happy to answer any questions you have regarding our point-of-sale kiosks and invite you to call the offices of Mini Warehousing Inc. today to learn more.