Tip on How To Keep Your Storage Container Secure

After you rent or buy a storage container, it is crucial to think about how to secure it properly. Whether you are using a storage container for moving purposes, storing equipment, or storing heavy machinery, you want to keep your belongings safe. Unfortunately, storage containers are a big target for burglars to break into. Here are some ways to deter thieves and keep your belongings safe.


One of the cheapest and easiest ways to keep personal belongings safe in a storage container is by adding locks to the doors. There are a variety of different size locks for different levels of security.

  • Padlocks- Padlocks are the most common way to secure your belongings within a storage container.
  • Padlock Padlocks are also a very cheap and easy way to get peace of mind. It is important to purchase padlocks that will not erode or rust
    while being exposed to temperamental New England weather. Mini Warehousing offers padlocks starting at $15. Each padlock comes with three keys.
  • Lock Box Systems- Although padlocks are a great way to secure a storage container, they can be easily broken by experienced burglars. An easy way to ensure that a container will not be broken into is by adding a lockbox as well. Lockboxes are steel metal boxes that protect a lock from both criminals as well as the outdoor elements. Mini Warehousing sells and installs lockboxes starting at $100.
  • Heavy Duty Locks- Heavy-duty lock systems are for maximum security. These bolt cutter-proof mechanisms are impossible to get through. Mini Warehousing offers heavy-duty locking systems starting at $225. Visit our website to learn more about pricing and all the locking systems offered.

Video Surveillance Systems 

Another excellent way to ensure that a storage container is secure is to set up security cameras. Just the presence of security cameras only is a deterrent for burglars. However, in the unfortunate event that a break-in does occur, the cameras will give the footage needed to catch the criminal. 

Storing Container at Secure Site 

If you are worried about keeping a storage container on your property for safety reasons, finding a secure place to store it may be a good idea. Mini Warehousing Inc has 40 acres of protected land to keep your container.

If you are interested in any locking systems to protect your storage container and belongings, please contact Mini Warehousing Inc for secure storage solutions.