Storage Solutions for School Districts

Storage Solutions for School Districts

Are you an administrator or public-school official looking for a storage solution for your school district? If so, you have a lot of options to choose from. Here at Mini Warehousing, we have partnered with numerous school districts to offer storage solutions at a great cost. We wanted to use our websites’ blog as a resource for those working at public or private schools to understand what questions you should ask while looking for a storage solution.

Space Required for your Schools Storage Needs

The first question you should ask yourself is how much storage space is required. Mini Warehousing Inc. has the area’s most robust variety of container sizes available on the market. From 6×6 Box storage which is perfect for not taking up a lot of space and can be hidden to large, 45 ft containers capable of storing over 3,000 cubic feet of space. Mini Warehousing will provide a container that will provide the right solution for your space requirements 

What do you plan on storing in your container?

After understanding the space, you require, this critical question ensures the items your store stays safe.  Consider how these items will react to increases in temperature or humidity. If you are storing desks and furniture that will not be impacted by either, a standard container will do the trick. If you are storing sensitive items like textbooks, computers, or other electronics, you may want to consider storing them in an area that is climate controlled within your building.

Additional Feature on our Containers

We have been increasing the number of features and amenities that we offer customers that rent containers from us through the years.

Storage Containers with Ramps

If your school district is looking for secure storage of machinery like mowers, snowblowers, and tractors, ramps can be included in your container rental, making it easy for employees to access the equipment.

Storage Container with Shelving

As mentioned above, our containers can be outfitted with shelving to improve the organization and increase the amount of space that can be used for storage.

Storage Containers with Lighting

Mini Warehousing can also install lighting with our containers. Our lighting solutions are efficient, effective, and increase the safe use of the containers during the darker winter months. We even have solar options as well when power can’t be provided to the container

Mini warehousing Inc: Providing School System Temporary Storage Solution

If your school district needs an on-site temporary storage solution, contact the experts at Mini Warehousing Inc. today! Our storage experts will be able to assess your storage needs and provide you and your school the best solution. Questions about our containers, accessories, or capabilities? Continue reviewing our site or give us a call to speak with a storage expert.


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