Storage Containers Help Client with Traffic Flow

Storage Containers Help Client with Traffic Flow

At Mini Warehousing, we help commercial clients in several industires organize their business and increase productivity. With many sizes and a plethora of accessories available, we have helped countless clients find a storage solution that fits their specific needs and budget. 

We recently helped one of our clients – an outdoor concert venue – improve the traffic flow in their parking lots. Since this venue is very popular, especially in the summer, the lots fill up very quickly. Similarly, after concerts and other events, it can be a challenge to manage the traffic flow of exiting vehicles. As most guests leave at the conclusion of the show or event, heavy traffic is not out of the ordinary. For bigger events, this venue often sees thousands of attendees.

Thus, it’s important for the client to not only manage the traffic flow in its parking lots, but expedite it in order to create a satisfactory experience for customers. There is nothing worse than sitting in traffic after a concert or game, just waiting to make your trip home.

We worked closely with the client to understand their needs from a storage perspective. The client needed space in which they could store traffic cones, personnel barriers, and other items used to manage traffic flow. The containers are located directly within the parking lots, which allows for easy access for the client. Thanks to our onsite storage containers, managing and organizing big events has become a whole lot easier. 

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