Storage Containers For Residential Use

Residential Storage Container Applications

Containers for Home Renovation 


Residents looking to renovate or remodel their homes use Mini Warehousing Storage Containers to store their furniture and belongings while the work is being done. This helps reduce damage, dust, and frees up space for the workers to complete their job. Homeowners trust the dependable storage solutions that we can drop off at your home. Need help deciding on how large of a container you need for your home renovation remodel? Please review our full range of sizes or contact our sales team today to see which container makes the most sense for your home renovation storage solution.


Residential Storm or Fire Damage Storage Solutions 


Homeowners who have experienced flooding, fire, or other damage to their home can store their goods in our clean, dry storage containers until the repair work is done to the ee home. Contact our team of Storage experts who can assess which drop off storage solutions will meet your needs. 


Real Estate Sales Storage Containers


Residents looking to sell their homes need to de-clutter their house to put it on the market. Our Storage Containers allow them to pack their non-essential goods away in the container, allowing the home to look more spacious and attractive to prospective buyers. Our containers are water-tight, secure, and temperature-controlled, meaning your items will stay safe & dry.