Storage Container Loading Ramps

Loading Ramp Options

Light Duty Container Ramps

Our lightweight loading ramp is perfect for hand truck usage for loading and unloading the container. The ramp has a weight capacity of 750 lbs and a width of 24″ between the rails, making it perfect for most 2 wheel dollies. It is lightweight for easy lifting to put in place for use. Our loading ramp is $225 and can be put in the container for delivery.

Light Duty Ramp = $10/mo; $225 to purchase

Heavy Duty Container Ramps

Our NEW STYLE Heavy Weight loading ramps are the perfect solution for forklift, man lift or any other heavy weight machine or vehicle to enter the container. Our grit ramps are 36″ x 36″ and only 40 lbs each, they have a 5,000# capacity, and our aluminum wedge ramp sets are 36” x 16” and only 24 lbs each, have a 10,000# per axle capacity!

Heavy Duty Grit Ramp = $15/mo; $575 to purchase

Heavy Duty Wedge Ramp Set= $25/mo; $625 to purchase


Heavy Duty Ramp Options