Storage Container Loading Ramps

Loading Ramp Options

Light Duty Container Ramps

Our lightweight loading ramp is perfect for hand truck usage for loading and unloading the container. The ramp has a weight capacity of 750 lbs and a width of 24″ between the rails, making it perfect for most 2 wheel dollies. It is lightweight for easy lifting to put in place for use. Our loading ramp is $200 and can be put in the container for delivery.

Light Duty Ramp = $10/mo; $200 to purchase

Heavy Duty Container Ramps


Our NEW STYLE Heavy Weight loading ramp is a perfect solution for forklift, man lift or any other heavy weight machine or vehicle to enter the container. At 16″W x 6″H and only 24 lbs each, they have a 10,000# per axle capacity! 

Heavy Duty Ramp = $25/mo; $415-$1,075 to purchase (style and size depending)

Heavy Duty Ramp Options