Eliminate Moisture Build-Up in Your Storage Unit

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Eliminate Moisture Build-Up in Your Storage Unit

Preventing moisture buildup in your storage unit is imperative in protecting your belongings. Excessive dampness will promote the growth of mold, mildew, rust, and even trigger insect infestations. Certain items are a bit more susceptible to moisture damage – this includes photos, electronics, clothing, furs, and mattresses. If you plan on storing any number of these items, make sure to take proper steps to prevent moisture in your storage container. Keep reading below for some helpful tips that will keep your storage container or unit nice and clean. 


Check for Potential Leaks In Your Container or Unit

If you have a storage unit or container that is accessible to outdoor weather conditions, make sure to check for any leaks before storing your belongings. This is the easiest way to prevent water damage to any of your goods. Take notice of any cracks in the walls or ceilings. Don’t ignore anything, no matter how small. While withstanding weather is no problem, these small cracks can easily widen over time and allow for damage-causing leaks.


Never Store Anything Already Damp

While you are packing your belongings away into your storage container, double-check that everything is dry and free of any dampness. For example, if you washed your clothes or bedding, make sure they are completed dry. Any belongings used with water such as a hose or aquatic goods, make sure they are thoroughly dried and free of any moisture. Anything wet or damp that is placed inside your unit will contribute to the moisture level in the air and will result in mold and mildew rather quickly. 


Utilize Kitty Litter to Absorb Moisture

Another useful and natural option for removing moisture in your storage unit would be to utilize clay cat litter. By simply placing an open bag of kitty litter inside your unit, or pouring it into a bucket, you will protect your storage and belongings from moisture damage. The clay litter will quickly absorb any moisture in the air as well as prevent the growth of mold and mildew. This may work best if changed every several weeks to maintain optimum freshness.


Protect Your Belongings Before Storing

Before packing your belongings away into the storage unit, making sure they are adequately packed and protected is an important step to preventing moisture damage. Covering any furniture with a blanket and plastic sheets will help to ensure that moisture stays out. Clothing and furs should also be thoroughly cleaned before going into storage and preferably hung inside a wardrobe box. Lastly, utilizing wooden pallets underneath all your possessions – if on a concrete floor – will help keep them away from any unnecessary moisture. 


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