Spring Tips Using Portable Storage Units

Spring Tips Using Portable Storage Units

Each season can bring a different challenge in terms of safely storing items in a portable storage unit. Fluctuating temperatures, increased rainfall, and the awakening of hibernating animals can all cause issues for those storing items in Mini Warehousing Storage units. Read our Quick Thoughts blog highlighting best practices when utilizing portable storage containers for your home or business this Spring.

Placing Your Container

If you are getting your Mini Warehouse dropped off this Spring, be sure to pick a sturdy spot to place the unit. As spring showers soak the ground, storage units can settle into the earth and become uneven. This can cause excessive condensation if the unit is stored over a low spot that collects water.  Consider laying down dunnage or landscape timbers to raise the unit off the ground allowing moisture to evaporate and help disperse the weight more evenly.

Consider your Inventory

The most important contributing factor in ensuring your items are correctly stored is understanding how the items you plan on storing react in different conditions. Construction items like bags of concrete or grout require minimal moisture to ensure high quality for when you eventually use the items.

While new storage units provided by Mini Warehousing Inc. are guaranteed to be watertight, we cannot ensure that condensation doesn’t occur in the container.  Furthermore, a used container or those rented from other parties might not be watertight.  Just because the unit is waterproof from rainfall, humidity can still make its way in via evaporation and condensation. If the items you plan on storing require zero moisture, a storage container may not be the best solution since humidity is not controlled.

Mini Warehousing does offer rental containers with built-in solar fans that help dry out condensation, but it can’t eliminate it without insulation and dehumidification.  This further step is an option for purchase and can be customized to match your needs.

Regular Inspection

Regular checking the unit is the best way to combat issues like moisture and pest infestations. If you notice the unit is humid, leave the doors open for an hour or so. It is even better if you do this during dusk as the temperature begins to drop. If you notice mice, rats, or bugs present, proceed with standard pest control options. As always, consider the items you are storing and if pest control products are safe to be around them. 

Mini Warehousing Inc. | Offering Portable Storage Units for Rent this Spring Throughout the Northeast

Mini Warehousing Inc. remains the authority on all things storage containers. If you have a storage container unit need for this Spring, Summer or year long, contact us today! In addition to offering the most dependable units on the market, our team of storage experts can expand upon best practices regarding the items you are storing. Give us a call at 800-548-5408 or reach out via contact form, and we are happy to answer any questions you may have! 

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