Spring is here….Brrrrrr!!!

Spring is here….Brrrrrr!!!


Spring is here, I think.  I think we had more warmer days in the winter than the spring, but I’m sure warmer weather is on its way.  As well as the Robins that have returned to my yard.

As we get ready for our spring cleaning and get ready to prepare for our emergence from our winter confinement, take a look at how Mini Warehousing Storage containers can help you with your spring projects.

#1   Looking to clean out a basement, garage, workshop or attic?  We can deliver a container to your site, you can move it out of the area you are cleaning and use it as a holding area while you determine whether it is trash or it is valueable.  The contents won’t get showered on with the April showers.  Once you’ve cleaned the area, you can now neatly pull the contents from the container and put them back into the original storage spot or into the trash.

#2  Spring Sports need storage too!  If you have a Little League team, Pop Warner team, Soccer team, or LaCrosse team that has equipment, but no place to store it, our storage containers work excellent for storing the contents in a clean, dry, secure area.  Our units are in new condition, so it will not be an eye sore to have them on your field.

#3  Time to put away the Winter!  From Snowblowers and shovels, to ski’s, snowmobiles and plows, our containers make a great storage solution to get these items out of the weather and into a secure storage container.  They protect from animals making nests, rain causing rust and from the obvious threat of theft of any of these valuable items.

If you know someone with any of these issues, let them know of us and help us help them.

Happy Spring!

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