Spring Cleaning – Organizing your Storage Container

Spring Cleaning – Organizing your Storage Container

Spring cleaning doesn’t have to be tied to just your home.  What’s a better time to organize your storage container than during spring cleaning?!  Mini Warehousing Inc. has storage containers for any need. If you already have a storage container or are thinking about getting one, keep these organizing tips in mind in order to make the most of your space!

Organize your boxes – you may think you’ll remember what’s in each and every box when you move them into the storage container, but over time you may forget.  Make sure you organize your items into categories and label each box.  You may even want to use clear containers so you can quickly see what’s in each box.  And don’t forget to place the items that you want to access most frequently in the front of your storage unit for quick and easy access!

Vacuum seal clothing – if you are storing clothing, bedding, or other fabrics, make sure to store them in vacuum sealed bags.  This will save space and also keep out moisture and insects.

Storing power equipment – if you are storing any power equipment, such as a lawn mower or power tools, be sure to empty all tanks and take out any batteries.   Leaving gas or oil in any equipment can ruin the tanks and cause rust.  Try to store any batteries with at least a 50% charge and disconnected from any devices.

Maximize storage space – if you’re storing furniture, such as dressers and book shelves, utilize this space and store things in the drawers and on the shelves. Make sure you can still open the drawers for easy access to the items inside.  Don’t waste space!

Keep a self storage diagram – draw a simple diagram and keep it inside your unit that shows where everything is located.  Every time you visit and need access to your belongings, you can refer to the diagram to find things quickly.  You may think this is unnecessary because you think you’ll remember where you put everything, but as time goes by you may forget placement of some things.