Self Storage at your own house?

Self Storage at your own house?


Thousands of people everywhere use self storage locations and pay to store their stuff at someone else’s house.  It can be a hassle none of us want to endure, since getting the contents you wish to store to that location is difficult enough.  First, you either have to borrow or rent a truck or trailer.  Then you have to load all the stuff securely enough to travel down the road.  Then, as quick as you loaded it, you have to unload it and repack it again into the storage facility.  This whole process of touching your goods 2 times for every move can be quite the head ache and/or back ache.  Hopefully you don’t break something including yourself.

When you’re ready to move the stuff back, you have to go through the same process of moving things twice to get them back to where you wanted them.  Another problem is if you need something you packed away, then what?  You have to drive to that storage place, dig through your boxes to find what you need and then drive back.

This whole process can be simplified by having the self storage brought to you!  This cuts down on a lot of work, headaches and back aches.  Mini Warehousing specializes in bringing you the self storage to your site.  Our storage containers allow you to load your goods once.  Keep them safe at your location and always have access to your things whenever you want.  Just in case you need to find the one thing you never thought you would need packed in the back of the storage.  It allows you to take more time to carefully pack, since there is no truck or trailer rental that needs to be returned.  And therefore more time to unpack too.  There is no traveling down the road, so you don’t have to worry about the bouncy road trip your grandmother’s antique dresser will endure.

The positive advantages of having our Portable on-site storage containers brought to your home are numerous.  Give it a second thought, next time you have to store your stuff.  It will save you time, money and even your sanity.  Give us a call.  We’ll be happy to help.

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