Preventing Rust on Your Storage Container 

Preventing Rust on Your Storage Container 

Mini Warehousing Inc. provides its customers with quality, dependable storage containers. While the containers we rent to customers are sturdy and generally stand the test of time, prolonged exposure to high humidity and moisture can result in rust. At Mini Warehousing Inc., we utilize numerous tactics to ensure our containers stay rust free for as long as possible. 

Continue reading to learn more about the steps we take to help prevent rust on the containers we rent to our customers.

Just like other steel and iron materials, Corten Steel, used on our containers, is susceptible to rust. Oxidization of Corten steel is caused by exposure to water and causes the reddish-brown flaking known as rust. Rust on storage containers incrementally damages the container’s strength and overall appearance.

This article highlights a few simple guidelines Mini Warehousing Inc. applies to our containers to prevent rust on your rented storage container.  

Preventing Rust on Your Storage Container

Inspection Before Buying

Our first step is buying high-quality cargo worthy or better containers. The best way to ascertain quality is to conduct a thorough inspection, concentrating on the container’s roof, doors, gaskets, flooring, and supporting structure. The purpose is to ensure that the paint coat is intact, and the surface is free of scrapes or holes. Painting over rust only covers up the underlying issues.  We sandblast our containers inside and out, exposing only clean bare metal and eliminates any chance of rot that may be underlying.   Most other vendors only use a surface grinder which does not have the ability to blast away rot and rust.  All containers rented through Mini Warehousing Inc. are inspected by a container specialist to ensure a quality, long-lasting container for years of trouble-free service.

Protect Surfaces from Contact with Water

Water is the enemy of iron and steel, so keeping the container dry is crucial. While moisture can be found on the outside roof or inside the ceiling as a result of dew, this usually evaporates throughout the day. We recommend opening your container periodically to let the inside air fully exchange.  Moisture on the roof is only a concern if there is a large dent on the roof that allows water to pool. The main concern regarding moisture and your container is generated from the ground and evaporation into the container space, or contents being put into the container that contains moisture before storage.  (I.E, patio furniture cushions, lawnmowers with grass clippings)

Containers that have direct contact with the ground can make the container’s base deteriorate. Therefore, we suggest efforts to prevent contact with moisture from the ground by providing some wood planks for it to set on. The best solution is to block up on pressure treated landscape timbers with a base of crushed stone below.  This is not provided by Mini Warehousing and not necessary for short term rentals of 12 months or less.  When we deliver a container, our expert drivers will recommend an area best suited for your container.  Please trust their opinion and their experience of over 1000 containers delivered per year.

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Remember: Preventing rust on your storage container starts with protecting it from prolonged water exposure.  Also, ensure any scrapes made to the container are touched up with a rust preventative paint like Rustoleum.  Try to place the container in a well-ventilated, dry area to avoid condensation. 

If you own a rusted container that needs replacement, contact Mini Warehousing, Inc. today! We can review the type of container you are currently using and provide the best solution for your needs. Mini Warehousing will often dispose of your old container at no charge when renting or purchasing a container from us.

Are you renting a Mini Warehousing Inc. container that is becoming rusty? Contact us today, and we can inspect the container and offer the best solution for your situation.


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