Office Containers

Many people don’t think a storage container could be used as an office, but you’d be surprised! Storage containers are versatile and can include a range of modifications, including shelves, A/C, lighting, doors, windows, and more – everything to make it feel like a real office. Having your storage container that works as an office can make your construction site far more convenient and cost-effective. Our storage containers are made up of steel, offering you security and safety through all seasons. These containers are made to I.S.O. standards and can even be shipped for moving job sites. Looking to bring the logistic side of your project to your job site? Bring the office right to the site. First, you’ll pick which base container you want; then, you can add accessories or build a custom container to match what you want.

Windows & Doors: windows are a valuable addition to your storage container and can be custom-installed by our technicians at Mini-Warehousing to suit your storage container needs. We also offer roll-up doors for storage containers. Contact us today for more information!

Storage Container Lighting: Don’t have power? Need some lighting? This is your solution! Mini Warehousing offers two lighting options: Quick Lites Magnetic Storage Lighting Solutions and solar lighting fixtures.

Ventilation Options: Additional venting can be instrumental in a container where temperature is an issue. Our solar fan, installed in the adjacent photo, can help regulate the heat by using the sun’s energy to power this fan.

Storage Container Shelving: We are a distributor of ConEXTRA® shelving products. These shelving options allow you to maximize the usable space inside your shipping container quickly and easily. ConEXTRA® provides immense shelf space and rigid stock storage without interfering with valuable floor space.

About Mini Warehousing

Mini Warehousing in Mansfield, MA, was founded in 1976 due to the increasing demand for more storage space. With excellent customer service, we have built our container fleet to over 4,000 units, ranging from 6′ to 45′! We’re dedicated to providing our customers with high-quality options, outstanding service, and, most importantly, a safe place to store your goods or work from. If you work on a job site and think a storage container office would be good for you, don’t hesitate to contact us.