Must-Have Accessories for Your Portable Storage Container Rental

Mini Warehousing Inc. is the leading storage container rental company throughout the Greater Boston Area. Not only do we provide a variety of different high-quality containers and excellent customer service, but we also offer numerous different accessories for each container to ensure that we are meeting each of our customers’ storage needs. The following are some of our most popular storage container accessories that our onsite technicians can install quickly and easily:


It can be difficult to search through a dark storage container for something you need, which is why Mini Warehousing offers a couple of different lighting solutions. The first is our solar-powered light fixtures for individuals who don’t have a way to get power to their container. Our solar-powered lighting systems come with a 30-watt solar panel and 2 USB plug-in LED lights which help light up any storage container, wherever! Our other popular lighting solution is Quick Lites. These bright LED lights are easily installed with magnets to the walls or roof. Quick Lites require an extension cord to power but offer the most effective lighting solution as well as additional outlets inside your container.  Either of these lighting options are great solutions for brightening up a dark container!

Secure Locking Systems

Whether you are using a storage container for business purposes or temporarily storing your personal belongings, it is key that you make sure the container is safe and secure. Mini Warehousing offers many different types of locking systems that vary in security levels. 
  • Single Locks
  • Storage Lock Box
  • Heavy-Duty Locking Systems 


Shelving in our portable storage containers help utilize the vertical space inside the conatiner while improving organization. Mini Warehousing provides high-quality, heavy duty shelving options for our storage container to ensure stability and durability for whatever you may store. As a distributor of ConExtra shelving, Mini Warehousing offers many different sized shelving options, from two shelf to four shelf units that can be installed on both the interior or exterior of the storage container. To learn more about ConExtra and our shelving options, click here.


In the summer months, storage containers can become very hot and humid, which is not only uncomfortable to be in but can also damage stored belongings. However, there are different accessories and modifications that can help manage the temperature and humidity in containers. We offer both static ventilation louvers as well as powered fan and solar-powered fans. Our solar-powered fans help maintain airflow in the container and helps lower inside temperatures. Our ventilation systems help minimize humidity in the containers, eliminating the risk of mildew and mold growth. Learn more about the benefits of installing solar-powered fans or vents in your container.

Other Accessories

In addition to the popular storage container accessories discussed above, Mini Warehousing Inc also offers the following: If you are interested in renting a storage container for your business or personal use, please contact us today!