Modification Ideas for Your Storage Container

Modification Ideas for Your Storage Container

Adding different accessories and custom modifications to a storage container can improve business operation, make for an easy moving process, and help with organization. Here is a list of a few of Mini Warehousing’s most popular container modifications.


Lighting is a very common modification that Mini Warehousing offers our customers. We provide two lighting options, including solar power lights and magnetic lights. Adding lighting options can help keep storage containers organized, prevent accidents, and help with business operations. Check out our lighting options and the pricing.


Mini Warehousing Inc. installs shelving for storage units. We provide ConEXTRA shelves that can help with storage needs and maximize space within the storage container. We offer many different sized shelves, including two, three, four shelves, and more. ConEXTRA shelves are highly durable and reliable, making them guaranteed for life.

Custom Paint

Whether you need a specific color for a project to represent your business or just because you want it, Mini Warehousing offers a large variety of colors to make your storage container stand out! Give us a sample of the color you want our storage container to be, and we can make that happen.

Loading Ramps

loading ramp

Moving can be a very difficult and strenuous task. Loading ramps can make moving much easier and quicker. We offer two types of loading ramps for our customers. The light duty container ramp works perfectly with most two wheeled dollies. These light duty ramps have a weight capacity of 750 pounds. In addition to our light duty ramp option, we also offer two heavy duty ramp options. These heavy duty container ramps are made to hold fork lifts and other heavy machinery. Check out the prices of our loading ramps!


Mini Warehousing can also install windows in storage containers. This modification is popular with storage containers used for business purposes, such as office spaces, kiosks, and concession stands.

Contact Mini Warehousing for Custom Modifications

If you are interested in adding some of these accessories and modifications to your storage container, please get in touch with Mini Warehousing Inc. Check out the package deals we offer that bundle some of our most popular modifications with our storage containers at a reduced price.