Mini Warehousing partners with Stack Design Build to build Office from Containers


Containers for houses or offices have been quite the hot topic at Mini Warehousing.  Recently, we have partnered with Stack Design Build, in a project named Box Office 460.

 It’s quite a great design that incorporates over 32 storage containers made into an environmentally friendly, energy efficient office building.  There will be approximately 12 office/studio spaces available for lease.

Watch the timelaps video here:


This project and others like it have begun gaining ground speed.  The change in thought needed to think with buildable modules is drastic from standard “stick built” structures.  Stack Design Build and Mini Warehousing worked for months on issues that would or could come up with different methods of design ideas. 

As in a lot of “Green” projects and practices, the costs savings aren’t dramatic if any at all.  Yet the gain is realized in natural resource savings and our earth’s conservation. 

Keep an Eye on Mini Warehousing, Inc…..More exciting projects coming! 

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By building The Box Office, 94 tons of upcycled steel  will be put back into productive use.

This project will be a model of a small, green (energy-efficient, sustainable) building, using 25% less energy than a conventional new office building.  The main goal of the design team was to engineer a well-insulated building, utilizing high performing windows and implement the most efficient HVAC system feasible for the project.

This building will be all-electric with no direct use of fossil fuels.  All heating and cooling will be with small, decentralized, high efficiency air-to-air heat pumps.  Also, typical lighting densities will be 0.6 watts/sf. One reason for the reduced load is the projects implementation of dual-source lighting; a combination of overhead lighting with daylight response sensors that measure the natural day light and task lighting.
The site will reduce stormwater run-off into the combined storm sewer by 67% through the use of bio-swales (also known as rain gardens) which allow storm water to infiltrate back into the ground where, through phyto-remediation, the plants contribute to the filtration of the water. The Box Office will have comfortable indoor air quality due to the use of environmentally-friendly interior finishes (non-petroleum-based insulation, low VOC products and no products with formaldehyde, for example), filtered exterior air, and accessible operable windows.

Tenants will be able to take advantage of green lease conditions that will provide economic incentives to tenants to maximize energy performance of the green building.