Mini Warehousing Offers Monthly Billing for More Value

Mini Warehousing Offers Monthly Billing for More Value

Most competitors in the New England area offer what is commonly known as a ‘4 Week’ billing period when it comes to renting storage containers. While this may seem standard on paper and in practice, it can often lead to confusion about how many bills a customer will have to pay over the course of a year.

At Mini Warehousing, we make things simple when it comes to billing, by charging on a monthly basis you can find more value from your storage container rental and have a set bill, month to month. When using the typical 4-week billing cycle customers can be confused and think that they are paying month by month (because everyone equates 4 weeks with a month, right?) when in reality they will be paying for a 13-period year. With Mini Warehousing’s’ monthly bill period you pay for 12 periods instead of 13.

By just charging month to month, Mini Warehousing will save you from paying an extra bill at the end of the year!

Another example would be our billing structure for your next storage project this upcoming summer. With June having 30 days, July 31 days, and August 31 days this would equal a total of 92 days. This 28-day billing cycle would equal 3.25 billing periods with the competition and without them prorating that amount, it would leave you with 4 billing periods compared to Mini Warehousing’s 3. 

Take a look at the chart below to see how charging you month to month can provide better value this summer:

Mini Warehousing Monthly Billing Chart

At Mini Warehousing, we take pride in making sure the customer comes first. By offering month to month simple billing options and a wide variety of container sizes from 6′ all the way up to 45′, we can help with your next storage project anywhere in MA and RI.

Mini Warehousing storage containers will give you a place to store your things for any amount of time you would like.  For a low monthly fee, you can rent the storage container to have on your own land, or rent the container and space through us. We can store your container and belongings at our location. We realize you may not have the yard space or desire for a container to be at your home or business, so take advantage of storing it with us!

For all of your storage needs, call us at 1-800-548-5408 to get started today!