Mini Warehousing Inc. Participates in HubWeek 2017 in Boston, MA

Mini Warehousing Inc. Participates in HubWeek 2017 in Boston, MA


Earlier in October the city of Boston hosted HubWeek from October 10th-15th. This event was stated by The Boston Globe, Harvard University, MIT and Massachusetts General Hospital. this week-long event brings together the most creative and inventive minds making an impact in art, science and technology. Now you may be thinking, how can a storage containercompany participate in this event? We had the amazing opportunity to send over 70 different containers to Boston, MA to act as galleries, pop up shops nd even canvases for different art projects.

Check out the photo gallery below to see our containers in action. Be sure to give us a call for more information as well as learning how our versatile containers can help you today!

IMG_20171014_163141857_HDR.jpg IMG_20171014_155901131_HDR.jpg

IMG_20171014_145749671_HDR.jpg IMG_20171014_155619914_HDR.jpg

IMG_20171014_150423759_HDR.jpg IMG_20171014_145211692.jpg

IMG_20171014_153429435_HDR.jpg IMG_20171014_144700441_HDR.jpg

IMG_20171014_145551185_HDR.jpg IMG_20171014_144459897_HDR.jpg

IMG_20171014_144413641.jpg IMG_20171014_145305974.jpg

IMG_20171014_144523272_HDR.jpg IMG_20171014_144602827_HDR.jpg