Make Sure Your Storage Container Is Secure This Season

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Make Sure Your Storage Container Is Secure This Season

If you plan on renting or buying a storage container this season, make sure you take preventive measures to keep your belongings safe. Most steel shipping containers are designed to be highly secure, weather-resistant, and durable, but there is always the risk of break-ins. There are plenty of reliable ways to secure your storage container and prevent any unnecessary hassles. We recommend five security tips when storing your belongings in a storage container


Choose Heavy Duty Locks

Heavy-duty locks are one of the best ways to secure your container. Without a sound wave, there are many ways in which criminals can break into your container – especially if not monitored. When choosing the lock for your storage unit, you will want to make sure you consider the type of lock. You will want one that is heavy-duty steel and difficult to break. Also, make sure the lock is weather-resistant, so it doesn’t erode and become weak over time. We also recommend using two or more locks for your container for backup protection. Take a look at Mini Warehousing’s security options for your storage container.


Use an Alarm System

In addition to using heavy-duty locks, it’s a good idea to implement an alarm system within your storage unit, just like you would do at your home. An alarm system will notify you before the break-in happens. In addition, a visual alarm system will also work to deter criminals from attempting to break-in in the first place. Whether you have a storage container located on your property or if you store it elsewhere, installing alarm systems with motion sensors is a great preventative measure to keep your belongings safe.


Utilize Perimeter Fencing

Remember that there are some physical ways to secure your storage container. Putting your storage container within a fenced area will help you avoid break-ins without the stress of using an alarm or video surveillance system. It’s especially effective to put your storage containers on a lot protected by a barbed-wire fence. If you are interested in securing your storage container at a secure location, consider using Mini Warehousing’s secure on-site storage options. 


Choose a Security-Conscious Supplier like Mini Warehousing 

Not all storage containers are created equal – many are less secure and durable than others and vice versa. Start by choosing a container that’s newer and in a better condition, and speak with experts about which is suitable for your specific needs. At Mini Warehousing, we analyze and repair any damages to our refurbished storage units. We put security at the top of our minds and will help you protect your precious belongings through every season. 

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