Keep Moisture Out Of Your Storage Container This Summer

Keep Moisture Out Of Your Storage Container This Summer

Moisture can be very destructive in the storage container, ruining everything you own if it is not stored correctly. That’s especially the case in summer when the humidity builds intolerable levels. So, how do you keep your storage moisture-free in the summer?


Ensure there’s adequate ventilation.

Airflow is essential in your storage since it reduces the chance of a temperature increase and moisture condensation. In most storage containers, poor or improper stacking affects the airflow. Therefore, leaving spaces between what you pack in the container is essential. Additionally, you could install fans in the corners of the container to circulate the air.


Control the humidity in the container.

Temperature differences increase moisture condensation in the container. Therefore, you should install measures to control the temperature and moisture, such as using a dehumidifier in your storage container. Ideally, maintain the moisture content below the dew point, which could be relative depending on the container.


Store dry items in your container.

If you store items containing moisture in the container, moisture condensation will eventually occur. The measures you take to keep your things dry will vary depending on what you intend to store in the container. For instance, you can dry out clothes and store them in a dehumidified room before you keep them in your storage container. However, items like food are a little more complicated. Ideally, you should store dry or canned food in your container, but when you need to keep wet food, you should ensure it is at least at room temperature and packed in airtight containers to avoid condensation.


Store items off the floor.

It is best not to store your items directly on the floor since things on the bottom are more likely to get affected by moisture. That is especially the case in areas with a risk of flooding. However, even if that wasn’t the case, there could still be a risk of accidental water spills from broken plumbing. Therefore, you should be prepared for such an eventuality.


Add moisture absorbents.

Moisture absorbents are an excellent way to protect your items from moisture condensation while in storage. You can use moisture absorbents such as silica gel and lumps of charcoal. One of the most essential points is that moisture absorbents should be replaced regularly to avoid moisture accumulation. Most absorbents last 6 – 18 months, depending on the humidity levels. Absorbents such as silica gel can be reused after being dried in an oven, while charcoal has to be replaced. However, charcoal is cheaper than silica gel and can also remove odors.

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