Ideal Storage Solution For Winter Equipment

Ideal Storage Solution For Winter Equipment

Winter is over and sweet spring has ushered in, bringing new things to be excited about and leaving the cold in the past. There’s no longer a need for bulky winter equipment with the warmer weather that comes with spring. Bye-bye snowblower, snow shovels, ice melt, and welcome lawnmower. What exactly will you do with your winter equipment? Do you have a place to store them until you are ready for them again next winter? Check out these tips that can help you safely store away your winter equipment. 

Storing Your Snowblower and Snowmobile 

Your motorized toys- the snowblower, snowmobile, or some other engine-operated winter resource, should be safely stored in a manner that preserves them for use next season. To prepare them for storage, drain the tank of gas with the use of a siphon pump. You can use the removed gas for your spring and summer yard equipment later on or add gasoline stabilizer to maintain freshness until you are ready for it next winter.  Lastly, be sure your equipment is stored away in a permeant shelter like a shed or a storage container from Mini Warehousing Inc.

Where to Put Your Shovels and Salt

You may not think that your snow shovels and driveway salt may not need just as much care are your big equipment. However, while they may be much simpler to store, proper storage is equally important. Before putting them away, check your shovels for damage and repair if possible, or throw them out if the damage is extensive. Replace rusted bolts that have been exposed to moisture or remove the rust with a wire brush if possible and rub with linseed oil afterward. 

Before you store away winter salt, Close up tightly and bungie cord the bag closed. You don’t want to have your salt just sitting around where it can contaminate groundwater or lay exposed to rain. Your winter salt should be stored in a dry, safe storage place, like a storage container. It is an even better idea to store the salt in a sealable five-gallon bucket that can keep out moisture once in the storage container.

Temporary Outdoor Shelter Storage

Maybe your restaurant is one that used temporary outdoor shelter during the winter to tackle the challenges of COVID-19 and seating. Keeping your outdoor equipment is important for longevity and future use. Now that winter is over, how do you store your valuable temporary outdoor shelter? First, inspect for damage and make repairs if necessary. If there is moisture or wetness, dry the shelter properly before disassembling. If your shelter comes with a storage bag or box at the time of purchase, make sure after disassembling, all the parts are folded as they should before attempting to place it in the storage bag or box. Put away in a cool, dry place. If you don’t have the space for storage, consider a storage container rental from Mini Warehousing Inc.

Mini Warehousing Inc. | Massachusetts Leading Provider of Storage Container Rentals 

Finding proper storage for your winter equipment doesn’t have to be a challenge if you have a little know-how and space. If you need a storage solution, consider renting a storage container from Mini Warehousing Inc. Protect your winter equipment and preserve them for future use with a storage solution that is affordable and efficient. Call today for recommended container sizes for your needs and pricing. 


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