How to Prepare for Your Portable Storage Container Delivery in the Winter

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How to Prepare for Your Portable Storage Container Delivery in the Winter

Portable storage container rentals are available for many different projects for businesses and individuals. Whether your storage container is for school use, construction use, personal storage, or government use, it is important for you to be prepared for its delivery. Mini Warehousing Inc offers a wide selection of different container sizes to accommodate any project you have. Whichever container size you are renting, you must prepare the delivery site to ensure the delivery is streamlined, safe, and efficient.


Having enough space for your storage container and the delivery truck is crucial no matter what season it is. The delivery truck will need plenty of room to maneuver and deliver the storage container. Be sure that there is sufficient space on the ground, free from obstructions such as fences, trees, and structures. 

We like to have at least seventy (70) feet of linear space for a 20′ container and 160′ of linear space for a 40′ in front of the storage container for the delivery truck to pull forward out from under the unit in a straight line. We require 10′ width for access to that space. If space is too tight, we can deliver a smaller 10′ container in less space than is required for the 20′ container. In any case, the smallest truck is our (30) foot long flatbed truck. In some cases, we can park the container at an angle and gently slide it into place on the ground.

If you are unsure about whether you have enough space to accommodate our equipment, we will gladly send a representative out to preview the site and determine the best way to deliver the unit.

Take a minute to watch our video on the space requirements.

It is also important that there are no tree limbs or power lines overhead that may interfere with the delivery as well.  

If you don’t have adequate space at your business or personal residence, Mini Warehousing’s facility in Mansfield, MA, has acres of safe and secure storage space. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us to store your container at our location.

Hard Flat Surface

Because of the weight of delivery trucks and the portable storage container, you need to have a firm and level surface to keep your container. If the container is going to be on grass, consider using landscape timbers, or wood planks to keep the container from sinking in.  Also, the ground should be dry and firm so the truck doesn’t sink in the soft ground and get stuck.  The grass is easy to repair after your are done with your container.  But if the area is wet, we will be unable to access it when you are done.  

Clear Snow 

New England winters are known for having large amounts of snow. If you have a portable storage container delivered during the winter, please make sure that you shovel the delivery site out properly, so it is clear and safe for the delivery truck.  It is your responsibility to keep the container roof shoveled during heavy snowstorms or when the container is getting picked up.  Mini Warehousing can assist with this for an additional charge.  Please contact us for information regarding any snow removal requests prior to calling in the container to be picked up.


Similar to snow, we can expect our New England winters to be icy. Ice can be extremely dangerous to drive on, which is why we ask that you de-ice your delivery site which salt or sand. Salting and sanding is also a great idea to do regularly around your storage container if you are making frequent trips to it throughout the winter. 

Contact Mini Warehousing Inc.

If you have any more questions about preparing a proper delivery site for a portable storage container, please request a call with Mini Warehousing Inc. to speak with one of our experts. Check out all of our different storage container options as well as our accessories and modifications. Get a quote today!

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