How to Manage the Temperature Within Your Storage Container

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One thing that is often overlooked for people renting/buying storage containers is how much the temperature outside can affect inside the container. Controlling the temperature within a storage container is very important to keep the belongings stored from getting damaged with the changing weather. Both the cold from the winter months and the heat from the summer can affect the items being stored. The metal from the storage containers is a conductor which amplifies the outdoors temperatures. In the summer months, storage containers can also cause a build of condensations and moisture that can cause damage such as rust and mold. Protect your belongings by utilizing the following enhancements to your storage container:


The humidity and heat of the summer months can be very damaging to items being stored within a storage container if it is not dealt with properly. Moisture can cause mold to grow and cause a mildew smell. The heat can also be fairly unbearable within a container. However, there are some ways to manage the temperature and humidity during the summer. Mini Warehousing offers both ventilation and solar-powered fans. Ventilation helps control the humidity within the container and minimize the risk of mold building up. Solar-powered fans help with temperature control and are especially helpful while people are moving belongings in and out of the storage container. Fans also help the container be more comfortable if they are being used as an office or for purposes other than storage. If you are interested in installing solar-powered fans or vents for your rented or owned storage space, visit our website for more information! 


New England winters can be frigid. It is important if you are using a storage container during the winter months to think about insulation options for your container. The harsh cold temperatures can make your storage container an icebox which can be damaging to your stored belongings. There are many different insulation options to help manage the temperature inside a container. Some of the most popular options are foam Insulation, fiberglass insulation, and blanket insulation.

Storage Container Modifications and Accessories

Mini Warehousing offers so many different customization options for storage containers to help with temperature control and more! Visit our website to learn more about how you can make your storage container more useable. Contact Mini Warehousing today to take care of all your storage needs!