How to Make the Most of your Storage Container This Summer

How to Make the Most of your Storage Container This Summer


With warmer temperatures and more daylight, the summer is arguably the best time to utilize your storage containers. Aside from storing everyday items in your container, the summer presents a wealth of possibilities. Here are just a few ways in which you can make the most of our container this summer:

Outdoor Living

If you don’t have the capacity to add a deck or porch onto your home, you can still enjoy the outdoors with one of our storage containers. Storage containers can be customized with windows and doors to match the look and feel of a deck or porch. Make your makeshift outdoor space complete by adding patio furniture to truly enjoy your time outside.


Don’t feel like dealing with the frustration of putting up a tent? Given the portability of our containers, one can enjoy the thrill of camping while also enjoying modern amenities. It’s a great way to escape from it all in a structurally-sound and controlled environment.


Similarly, the level of customization available with our storage containers makes even gardening a possibility. One of our clients — Freight Farms — actually utilizes our containers to provide makeshift farms and rooftop gardens for customers. Our containers are the perfect solution for those with a green thumb looking to build a greenhouse.

Pop-Up Shops

For our commercial clients, containers can be used as pop-up shops or a food service vehicle at concerts, parks and beaches. Rather than attempting to drive customers away from where they want to be, why not go to the customers? Our containers are often a more affordable and durable option than renting out commercial real estate for the summer.

Summer Projects

Need a place to store that law, weed wacker, ladder or pool equipment? Storage containers make a perfect shed in which you can easily access items needed for home improvement projects.

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