Storage containers make great tools for businesses, schools, and residents.  But if you’re not careful about being organized it can become more of a nuisance than a help.

In comes QuickLites to the rescue.  www.quicklites.com.  We invented this magnetic lighting system that is quick to install and quick to take down.  The lights are a 4′ double florescent, vapor proof light fixture that plugs into each other to accommodate up to 4 lights in series.  The light kits all come with a magnetic light switch and double outlet combo that plugs into a standard extension cord.  Now you have 2 outlets, lights and you didn’t need to hire an electrician to get it done.  And if you’re renting the container, you didn’t have to screw anything through the container roof.

Lights add so much value because you or your employees or co workers can spend less time rifling through the contents looking for something and more time getting what you need out of the container.  It also adds an element of safety where people won’t be tripping on anything hazardous.

So don’t get caught in the dark again.  Use QuickLites!

QuickLites are available for sale nationwide via Mini Warehousing.  Please feel free to call or email.


or info@miniwarehousing.com