Global shortage of containers in 2021 – Rentals still available with Mini Warehousing Inc. 

Global shortage of containers in 2021 – Rentals still available with Mini Warehousing Inc. 

Utilizing a storage container rental from Mini Warehousing makes the storage of your property and materials much easier. Whether you have a container delivered to your property or you are utilizing one at our facility, the perks of a unit speak for themselves.  If you have been in search of purchasing your own container in the recent months, there is a high possibility you have come into some difficulty doing so. Since Mini Warehousing Inc. is the area’s leading storage container provider, we wanted to weigh in on the global shortage of containers that is currently happening. 

Why is there a shortage?

The global shortage of storage containers is due to the imbalance of trade activities worldwide along with factory shutdowns and shipping lines not shipping during the lockdowns of early 2020. Uneven import and export activities are impacting a lot on the availability of storage containers as the world recovers. Economic activities are rebounding, most especially in China. In this period, there is a peak in the demand rate for goods and services in the United States and European markets put together. On the flip side, the demand for American and European goods from Asian markets have been low, leading to uneven trade.

Has this happened before?

Yes. This has happened before. Let us use India as a case study. As of April- November last year, the imports rates went down by 22% to 24% while export rates have risen by 29% during the same time frame. In this period, India did not release most of its storage containers. They had to maximize what they have to export goods. It is important to note that this imbalance in trade activities is not peculiar to just India. It is to the whole Asian market. They export more than they import. 

When will purchasing containers be available again?

Mini Warehousing Inc. has been able to acquire a limited amount of inventory available for purchase.  This inventory changes daily. If you are in the market to purchase a container now, fill out a contact form and you will be contacted to update you on our current availability. 

How can I meet my container needs now?

Mini Warehousing Inc. has a robust rental fleet and has units available for rent.  We offer a wide variety of storage container rental sizes and options. You can choose just the size that will fit your needs.  Container sizes from 6x6x6 to 45 x 8x 9’6” are available. We also have customized containers that have a variety of door options. Accessories like lightning, ramps, shelves, and locks can be added to any of our rental fleet. Despite the global shortage, we understand many people are struggling with their business. Our rental rates have not increased due to the limited supply of containers, however, skyrocketing prices for purchases due to the shortage as well as increased costs in materials have driven up prices on all containers around the world.  We have experienced a 40% increase in prices in less than 4 months.  Please contact us today for your container rental or purchase needs.   

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