Everything You Need To Know About Summer Storage

Everything You Need To Know About Summer Storage


Are you about to store your belongings in a portable storage container for the first time this summer? While you may think that summer storage is just like any other type of storing situation, the truth is that there is a lot more to consider before placing your items in the container. The summer months usually call for moving, being more inclined to clean your home, and switching out seasonal items of your home. While the ideal solution is to have everything in your own home, space tends to run out which is why have a portable container to store items is a solution you should consider. With the containers at Mini Warehousing, the beauty is that our containers can be rented for residential use if you are not looking to host a container on your property for long. If you would rather not have one on your lawn at all, we have an abundance of containers at our storage facility you can use as well!

What Seasonal Items Do People Store in the Summer?

The most popular usage for summer storage containers is to store seasonal items that will not be used during the warm months of the year. However, there are many reasons to store items in the summer such as if you are looking to make more room in your home, or if you are in the process of moving and need to hold items during your move that you won’t need. You may also want to store items you will need during the summer but could take up too much space in your home. Some common items that people store in the summer include:

  • Winter clothing
  • Snow blowers
  • Shovels
  • Holiday decorations
  • Snowmobile
  • Tailgating equipment
  • Household belongings during a move
  • College dorm belongings
  • Lawn movers
  • Weed wackers
  • Rakes
  • Gardening Tools
  • School/ Field Items 

What Storage Unit Size Should Be Used?

After deliberating and deciding that you will need a storage container for the summer, you will want to figure out what size you will need. To do this, consider all of the items you know for sure are going to be stored and try to get them together. This way you can physically see what size of a container you actually need. At Mini Warehousing, we have multiple sized containers to help you with your summer storage needs. Not only do we have multiple sized containers but we also have containers with different features to make storing as easy as ever. Customers looking to rent a container for the summer can choose from the following sizes:

What Features Should Be Considered For Summer Storage?

What makes storing in the summer different than any other time of the year is the fact you have to consider the heat and humidity that comes with the season. This humidity and heat can greatly damage some items you may own, and you should store accordingly as to not damage any items that you intend to store. The storage container accessories offered by Mini Warehousing are there to make your storage experience the best it can be during the summer. While the most important feature to look for is climate control features, not all containers may have this especially portable containers. However, there are alternative options to add to your container that will have the same effect. Below are some container accessories that can be helpful for your summer storage needs:

  • Locking/Security: As a general rule, having security measure at hand for your container is a good idea regardless of the season you are storing items. It is never a good feeling to have your belongings stolen so be sure to check out our locking options.
  • Ventilation: At Mini Warehousing, we not only want to help optimize your storage experience but take pride in doing so in a green way! Our solar powered fans are the perfect solution to keep your items protected in your container while saving on electricity by using the power of the sun to fuel the ventilation.
  • Lighting: Just like with our fans, we have solar lighting options. Easily find the items you need with a lighting system as strong as the sun’s rays!
  • Shelving: Keep everything organized and easy to access with proper shelving accessories. Keep the smaller items up high so that you have more room for equipment that take up space.
  • Loading Ramps: With some of the items that are commonly stored in the summer mentioned above, a good deal involved having wheels. Instead of trying to lift heavy equipment that have wheels, look to add loading ramps to make storing as easy as possible.

If you are looking for the perfect summer storage solutions, then feel free to contact Mini Warehousing today for more information or fill out our form for a free quote!