Custom Color Paint

“Can I buy a specific color shipping container?”
“Do I have to paint my container?”
“How can I protect my container so it will last longer?”

These are some of the questions we hear regarding storage containers. If you’re buying a used container, you cannot select a specific color. If you’re buying a new container, you may have the option to select your preferred color. At Mini Warehousing, we understand that a storage container isn’t always just a storage container.

When deciding whether to paint your container, there are generally two main considerations:

1. Cosmetic Reasons:

You’d like the shipping container to look fresh and new or possibly even match the surroundings. You’re not satisfied with removing the labels and removing the rust spots – you’re looking for a nice, clean, and polished appearance.

2. Extended Life Span

Painting your container can protect it from harsh weather and help slow the corrosion process. Quality paint will extend your shipping container’s life and improve its appearance if that’s important.

3. Business or Event Promotion

Mini Warehousing can modify your container with logos, designs, and more. Customization has proven useful for schools, construction companies, and other organizations seeking to brand their shipping or storage containers for promotion.

We work with any color you need. Get us a color sample, and we can match it. Contact us today to get started at 1 (800) 548-5408.

Here are a few examples of our work: