Create Customized Portable Concessions Stands or Bars with Mini Warehousing Inc.

Create Customized Portable Concessions Stands or Bars with Mini Warehousing Inc.

Do you own a business that offers outdoor seating for its patrons? Are you organizing an event and need temporary concession stands to offer your guests food & drink options while keeping safe distances? Mini Warehousing Inc. can provide you with a portable concession stand or bar that will fit your exact needs. Please continue reading to learn more about our customized containers that enable businesses and events to be successful even during these unprecedented times.

Temporary Outdoor Bars for Restaurants

Due to COVID-19, many restaurants, bars & venues have been required to change its indoor capacity limits. Restaurants lucky enough to have outdoor space have converted this space into outdoor dining, drinking, or lounge areas. Food establishments that create an inviting, safe space will be the ones that not only survive but thrive during these times.

Restaurants across the greater Boston area and Massachusetts and Rhode Island have relied on Mini Warehousing Inc. for creating customized, portable bar spaces. We offer custom paint capabilities to ensure your portable storage container turned walk-up bar is on brand and will not take away from your outdoor space’s aesthetic. In many instances, the custom-designed container adds to the aesthetic of your outdoor dining or drinking space.

Cisco Container

The container’s interior can be left empty so restaurant managers can outfit them how they see best or, Mini Warehousing Inc’s technicians can add shelving & storage if desired. Electricity ports and openings to allow hoses can be custom added as well.

Temporary Outdoor Concession Stands

Fall Festivals, outdoor sporting events, & even seasonal favorites like pumpkin picking and haunted corn mazes have all undergone significant changes this Fall. Event organizers have had to adjust how concessions will be executed to ensure guests remain safe while at the event. Mini Warehousing Inc. provides event organizers that require outdoor concessions as a solution for their needs.

Much like our capabilities with providing restaurants & bars customized exteriors and interiors, we can do the same for your outdoor event portable concession stand!

popcorn concession stand

Other Uses for our 10’ Portable Containers

The potential uses for our 10’ storage containers are almost limitless. We have had individuals use these containers as personal temporary storage, home offices, ticket booths, and more! Think you may need more space than 10’? We offer a wide range in portable storage container sizes designed for custom solutions.

Mini Warehousing Inc.: Providing Businesses & Event Organizers Unique Portable Concession Solutions

Contact the experts at Mini Warehousing Inc today to begin discussing your desired custom storage container. Our team of container solutions specialists will define your specific needs and provide you an estimated cost based on your needs.

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