Container Uses

Mini Warehousing Storage containers can be used for many different applications. Residential uses, Commercial and Retail, Construction and Government Agencies all use Mini Warehousing Storage Containers.

Residents looking to renovate or remodel their homes, use Mini Warehousing Storage Containers to store their furniture and belongings while the work is being done. This helps reduce damage, dust and frees up space for the workers to complete their job. Homeowners who have experienced flooding, fire or other damage to their home can store their goods in our clean, dry storage containers, until the repair work is done to the home. Residents looking to sell their homes, need to de-clutter their home to put it on the market. Our Storage Containers allow them to pack their non-essential goods away in the container, allowing the home to look more spacious and attractive to the prospective buyers.

Retail stores have found that they use storage containers to maximize their inventory storage for “in-season” inventory and to help store “out of season” inventory when not needed. This helps free up the easily accessible space inside for inventory that is being sold now. Office furniture, files and gas powered equipment that are not in frequent use often find homes in our storage containers. Storage Containers also provide the cheapest price per square foot storage solution without having to build a building, which can result in higher taxes. The rental fee can be written off as an operating expense.

Construction businesses can use Storage Containers to store equipment, tools, and supplies on jobsites. This allows the inventory to be shipped in larger quantities, saving freight costs and allowing deeper discounts for buying in larger quantities. Hand Tools, generators and compressors also can be safely secured in a storage container to help prevent theft and damage from weather. Storage Containers also provide a shelter for workers during inclimate weather.

Government agencies have found storage containers extremely valueable for many different reasons. Many sites are temporary and don’t need a building to store goods, so storage containers are used to store inventory and supplies. Training for urban assault models, Fire rescue and hazardous response teams have all used storage containers as a training unit that can be delivered to multiple cities and towns to train personnel. Shrinking budgets have also put strains on local municipalities who need extra space to store equipment. Storage containers help provide that storage, on site, securely and for a very low cost per square foot.