Container and Portable Storage faces tough increases.

Container and Portable Storage faces tough increases.


The container industry as a whole has endured a drastic drop in production of containers, meanwhile as the economy has begun to recover, it is faced with an increase in shipping demand.

This phenomena is Economics 101;  Supply and Demand.

The lower the supply the higher the price.  The higher the demand, the higher the price.  In the last year, the shipping industries have seen 75% increases in cost of the containers.  This has recently been compounded by fuel costs that are up almost 25%.

Long gone are the times that empty containers are sitting hapless waiting for their chance at a return trip with cargo or sold as another use for buildings or storage.  These containers are getting swiped up by the steam ship lines for exporting cargo.

This is great news for the steam ship lines as they are now able to get returning freight in containers instead of returning empty containers to ports.  It’s also a good sign for America as we increase our exports.

As a Portable Storage Container company, who specializes in using containers for commercial, residential and municipal storage solutions, it has caused a rapid increase in costs and therefore rates.  Customer’s who have acustomed to containers at “old” prices get shocked at the cost of containers.

At Mini Warehousing, we attempt to educate the customer and acknowledge the pain we are all facing.  We strive to keep our costs down by closely monitoring internal costs as well as streamlined delivery routes.  Most people are understanding, but some feel it’s just business people trying to make a buck.

Businesses are in the business of making money, (most of the time) but we only do it in a fair way that provides a value to the customer for a service they need.

Most of our referrals for storage containers come from our previous customers.  This is further proof of the value we provide.

Our equipment is kept up to date, with new equipment being purchased regularly.  We offer accessories like container shelving and magnetic lighting to help you keep organized.  We sell boxes and packaging supplies to help keep your valuables safe.  We move loaded containers from one site to another to eliminate the pack, unpack, pack, unpack logistics of typical self storage locations.

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