Container Accessories

Container Accessories

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How to Manage the Temperature Within Your Storage Container

One thing that is often overlooked for people renting/buying storage containers is how much the temperature outside can affect inside the container. Controlling the temperature within a storage container is very important to keep the belongings stored from getting damaged with the changing weather. Both the cold from the winter months and the heat from …

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Modification Ideas for Your Storage Container

Modification Ideas for Your Storage Container Adding different accessories and custom modifications to a storage container can improve business operation, make for an easy moving process, and help with organization. Here is a list of a few of Mini Warehousing’s most popular container modifications. Lights Lighting is a very common modification that Mini Warehousing offers …

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Tip on How To Keep Your Storage Container Secure

After you rent or buy a storage container, it is crucial to think about how to secure it properly. Whether you are using a storage container for moving purposes, storing equipment, or storing heavy machinery, you want to keep your belongings safe. Unfortunately, storage containers are a big target for burglars to break into. Here …

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How Businesses Can Benefit from Using Storage Containers

Storage containers are very helpful for storing people’s belongings during moves, floods, and many other circumstances. However, storage containers can be used by many different types of businesses to help with productivity and successful operations. With custom modifications, containers can be converted into concession stands, offices, classrooms, and more! Learn more about how your business …

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Storage Container Locking Systems

Storage Container Locking Options Mini Warehousing’s Locking Systems offer added security to your container by adding an additional locking mechanism that is bolt cutter proof.  Any of these systems below can be added to any of our storage containers for an additional installation fee. Single Locks For Storage Containers 6 Pin Brass Cylinder Solid Steel …

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Storage Container Loading Ramps

Loading Ramp Options Light Duty Container Ramps Our lightweight loading ramp is perfect for hand truck usage for loading and unloading the container. The ramp has a weight capacity of 750 lbs and a width of 24″ between the rails, making it perfect for most 2 wheel dollies. It is lightweight for easy lifting to …

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Storage Container Shelving

ConEXTRA Shelving Products We are a distributor forConEXTRA® shelving products which offer innovative brackets and pipe racks allowing you to maximize the usable space inside your shipping container quickly and easily. ConEXTRA® provides immense shelf space and rigid stock storage without interfering with valuable floor space. This system is so simple and light that anyone can …

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Solar Powered Fans For Storage Containers

Powered Fans Powered fans help eliminate some of the heat issues you get with storage containers in the middle of the summer. It also helps keep fresh air going through the container to prevent any musty, closed space smell. We offer both a Solar Powered fan (shown) and standard powered fans.