Best Ways to Prevent Storage Container Condensation

Best Ways to Prevent Storage Container Condensation

If you find moisture in your shipping containers, there are a lot of issues that can arise, from mold growth or water damage to the goods inside a container. The damage that occurs is usually irreversible. Therefore, preventing such situations can help you avoid the damage caused. Keep reading below to learn more about how to prevent storage container condensation and keep your goods in safe. 



Causes of Condensation

Whenever the coolness of a container drops beneath the dewpoint line, condensation begins on the container’s interior walls. The temperature between the interior walls and the exterior environment is what causes condensation. Like a cold soda can on a warm summer day, condensation forms on the cold metal of the container walls. 


Goods inside the container like paper, cardboard, wood, books, and anything absorbent can hold moisture in.  This presents a problem as heat is increased in the container, evaporation can occur, causing that retained moisture to become humidity in the container.  Once the container starts to cool, this newly formed humid air condenses and causes condensation on the inside of the container. 


Storage space can also cause space for humid air to be trapped and when the temperature increases and then decreases, condensation can occur in the container and the interior container walls. Containers that are stored over low spots or standing water can also be susceptible to water evaporating up through the wood floor causing the same condensation issues where the moisture is trapped inside the container.


Ways to Prevent Condensation


Preventing moisture from getting into the container is the best first step to eliminate condensation problems.  Make sure your contents are dry and free of moisture before putting them into the storage container.


Mini Warehousing installs 4 vents per side, 2 down low and 2 high up on the container wall to allow convective ventilation. As the container heats up, warm humid air rises and escapes the vents at the top and the bottom vents, pulling in the cooler fresh air.  This helps eliminate some of the moisture that inevitably exists in the atmosphere and your stored contents. Vents also help keep the container’s internal temperature the same as the outside temperature also aid in reducing condensation.


Openings the Container to air out

One of the most simple steps to help alleviate built-up condensation is to open the container doors periodically to allow the air to exchange completely.  This should be done on a nice dry day with a low dew point to maximize the dry air going back into the container.  We recommend opening up the doors every couple of weeks at a minimum.


Moisture Absorbing Packs

Products like Damp Rid can be of some assistance if you’re unable to open up the doors every couple of weeks.  They will not last for months, drying up moisture in your container, but they can help in between the times you can’t get to open the doors.


Heat Lamp 

A small heat lamp on a timer is a way of also drying out the air in the container when you’re unable to open the doors and check on your contents.  You should put the low-wattage lightbulb securely away from any contents and also put it on a timer.  The heat from the light bulb could be enough to eliminate any build-up of moisture in the air.  It also can serve as light when you need to access the container at night.

Insulating the Container

Insulating the container is an option that is both costly and reduces your storage space.  However, this can be the best solution as the insulation slows down the changes in temperature in the container, allowing for less time for condensation to form.  A small heat source or other appliance to help with moisture can be installed with some modifications to allow for drainage and electricity.


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By following the above-listed techniques, you can protect your Mini Warehousing storage container from damage caused by condensation. Our team at Mini Warehousing has the knowledge and experience to help you with your storage needs, Call us today at 800-548-5408 or fill out our request-a-quote form.

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