Benefits To Shipping Container Concession Stands


When it comes to storage and shipping containers and their uses, Mini Warehousing takes pride in taking full advantage of the capabilities these containers have. Aside from our general container rentals, Mini Warehousing, Inc. specializes in container customization! From office space containers to custom paint jobs the customization opportunities are endless. One modification we have years of experience assisting with is concession stand containers. When it comes to container stands compared to their brick and motor counterpart, there are a bunch of benefits when you choose a stand made from a container. Below are a few benefits to have a shipping container concession stand.

5 Benefits To Shipping Container Concession Stands

When it comes to the concession stand containers we create here at Mini Warehousing, Inc. customers can choose from either mobile or stationary stands. With our roll-off modification, you can have a concession stand that you can take from venue to venue easily. Below are five benefits to having your concession stand made from a storage container.

  • Cost – The cost to make a regular concession stand building is far more expensive than modifying a storage container. Since the shell of the stand is basically completed already with the container itself, the only cost you have to worry about is the interior transformation.
  • Durability – Storage and shipping containers are known for their steel bodies and to further have durability the steel is sandblasted to give the walls and doors added strength. Shipping containers are usually made for being shipped on large cargo ships so they are built to be durable and withstand any type of weather.
  • Weather Resistance – As mentioned before, these containers are made for being shipped over seas in the harshest conditions. With that being said, with a container concession stand you will not have to worry about the contents of the container being damaged by bad weather. Aside from being made of steel, these containers are primed and given multiple layers of paint which further protects the container from weather and other elements.
  • Pest Resistance – When it comes to normal stands and buildings made of wood, the biggest disadvantage they have is that they are prone to pest infestation. This is because these pests feed off of the materials to build these buildings. With a shipping container stand you would not have to worry about that because the container is made of steel. The interior floors will most likely be made of plywood which is treated with pest resistant.
  • Security – When it comes to shipping containers from Mini Warehousing, we have an abundance of options for locking systems. This way you can lock up your concession stand knowing that no one will be able to get inside as the only access point is protected.

If you are looking for a cheap and secure concession stand option, contact Mini Warehousing, Inc. to have a shipping container stand today!