Avoidable Issues When Renting a Storage Unit.

Avoidable Issues When Renting a Storage Unit.

Self- storage is an issue that most American run into at a moment notice. Whether you need making more room for guest or storing furniture while remodeling your home, a self-storage unit provides an easy solution to your problem.  Even with a simple solution, there are always some obstacles to overcome when using a self-storage unit.

  1. Do Not Store Any Moisture Into Your Storage Unit

You are most likely storing your possessions for a long period of time, so leaving moisture will lead to mold and mildew which can damage your possessions.  The moisture can also lead to a horrible musty smell that can attach to your clothes and furniture  and can be difficult to remove. To prevent this, avoid putting any moisture into your space like used appliances, fish tanks, or pool toys.  Wiping  down all items before storing them can help, especially on a humid day.  If you are still worried, you can concern renting a self-storage unit with climate control or a vent.


  1. Make sure you are renting enough space

Determining the right amount of space can be a hassle in the beginning, but in the end, can help you avoid any space issues when moving day comes. If you are not sure how much you space you will, you can ask our storage experts at our facility. Making inventory of all the items you will be storing can help determine the right size storage unit you will need. Mini Warehousing has multiple sizes and we can help you select the right size to fit your needs.


  1. Avoid Moving During Peak Hours If Possible

The most obvious choice for moving or storing anything into your storage unit would be during the weekend because most people will have the weekends off. Because of this, the weekends are going to the most hectic time at most storage facilities. If you are paying movers by the hour, you can be sure to expect a larger bill. If you know that you are renting at a popular storage facility make sure to check if they have other moves that day, and plan around their time.


Mini Warehousing has the answers for all your self-storage questions. Contact us today and request a free quote