Are Storage & Shipping Containers Watertight?

truck carrying blue storage container in rain

Are Storage & Shipping Containers Watertight?


When it comes to living in Massachusetts and New England in general, the biggest threat to our belongings is the weather. With the sporadic weather and harsh winters, we want to make sure that our belongings stay dry as well as the containers we put them in are well equipped to withstand the ever-changing weather. With this in mind, you should check to see if the storage container you are looking at is wind and watertight to give you a peace of mind that whatever you need to be stored will be protected.

Are Shipping Containers Watertight?

When it comes to shipping containers, they are built to transport goods across the ocean on ships. With the containers exposed to the elements while being on the decks of these ships, the containers are equipped with heavy-duty rubber door seals that keep water and wind out. When these containers are re-purposed to be used as portable storage containers, they are inspected to make sure that this seal is not broken. If you are not worried about the seal then you can rent a used container to save money. If you want the extra protection for the items you will be putting in them then go for newer containers that are certain to have this seal.

Waterproof vs. Watertight

While the two terms sound similar they both are different in how they function with storage containers. If a container is waterproof then it is coated in a substance that makes it resistant to water. So if it rains out there will be no damage to the container nor the contents inside but if the rain gets inside the container somehow then the belongings inside could be compromised. Being watertight means that the container has materials that do not allow water to enter it. Another thing about watertight containers is that if you are transporting liquid, then the watertight components will not allow the water to leave the container.

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