Add Security to Your Storage Container with our Locking Systems

Many of our residential and commercial customers store valuable belongs in their storage containers. Whether at our secure facility in Mansfield, or on site at a job location, it does not hurt to install added security on your containers.

Our locking systems differ by the type of container, as well as the level of security desired by the customer.

SOBO Disc Container Locks are our most affordable option, yet are still very secure. Our SOBO Disc Container Locks are bolt cutter-resistant, and also contain a hardened steel shackle for added security.

SOBO Storage Container Locking System

Our Lock Box Systems, which come standard on all new storage containers, are pick proof, drill proof, and cut resistant. The Lock Box itself protects the lock from being tampered with and also wear and tear from changing weather conditions.


Our Puck Locks are typically installed on older containers which don’t have a pre-installed lock box. Puck Locks are bolt cutter proof as well, and are available for rental or purchase.


As the name implies, our Heavy Duty Locks are our most secure locking system. Heavy Duty Locks can be accessed using a combination or keyed locking mechanism depending on customer preference.


Keep your peace of mind with our storage container locking systems. To learn more about our locking systems, contact us today