5 Tips to Keep Storage Units Organized

5 Tips to Keep Storage Units Organized

When you’re renting a storage unit you’ll want to make the most out of the space. Utilizing the space properly may require customizations or add in accessories. Fortunately, at Mini Warehousing we provide you with everything from finding your unit to understanding how to best optimize it. The following tips are designed to help you meet your storage needs once you leave our hands! 


Use Boxes or Closed Containers

If you can avoid storing items out in the open instead of placing them in closed containers, this can drastically change the appearance of your storage unit. It is important to place your important items in closed containers in order to prevent unprotected belongings from sustaining damage. It only takes one toppled box to ruin a valuable object. No matter where you’re storing your things, issues like flooding and smoke are always a hazard. Closing off any of your items will reduce the risk of hazard damage in addition to keeping it organized. 


Get Organized Before You Start Unloading

Before you begin loading anything into your storage unit, take a look at everything you have. Organizing everything before placing it in the unit is a great way to start off on a good foot. Labeling boxes and using a variety of sizes to differentiate is a great way to organize and make it last. This will also make the task of stacking boxes easier with different sizes to work with. Using different shaped boxes or random storage containers – or none at all – will leave you with wasted space. 


Leave No Space Unused

Just like you should be using different-sized boxes for better stacking, you should make the most out of each of your containers. Before you even begin to break open and pack your items into a new box, take a second glimpse and make sure that the last box you filled truly can’t fit anything else. Make sure to fill boxes methodologically – no one wants to move a box full of heavy objects. Filling boxes to the top with a mixture of heavy and light objects is critical to making use of space without overwhelming movers.


Add Padding To Fragile Items

To truly protect your precious items, make you don’t just rely on keeping them separate. As we touched on above, anything can happen when it comes to storage unis. A toppled box can cause irreplaceable damage. Applying padding to the interior of the containers that contain fragile objects will help relieve any anxieties of damaged goods. This will help avoid mishaps with your belongings. 


Contact Mini Warehousing in Mansfield, MA

At Mini Warehousing in Mansfield, Massachusetts, we provide portable storage containers that can be modified for your specific needs. From adding windows to creating a customizable project, we can do it all. Don’t hesitate to reach out with any questions or concerns you may have with your current storage units, or if you are interested in storing at our facilities! Get started with Mini Warehousing portable storage units by calling us at 18005485408. 

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