5 Essential Storage Container Accessories

A storage container can come in very handy to keep any extra belongings. However, a storage container doesn’t allow you to maximize your space or even correctly lock it. And even if some of these extra accessories take up some space in your storage container, they can keep your belongings safer or make accessing them easier. A suitable storage container can have plenty of uses, but you can’t get the most out of it without using the right accessories. Here are some of the best accessories you can get for your storage container


Locks and Lockbox: 

Safety should be the primary concern for container shipping and storage. All new shipping containers come with a secure locking mechanism. Even though shipping containers can easily withstand extreme weather conditions and most forms of tampering, adding a safe can provide additional protection for valuable items. Along with being difficult to break into, a safe is also very resistant to crushing or a fire. Therefore, in most cases, your safe will be perfectly fine. 


Lights and Easy Door Handle: 

Some containers may not have built-in lighting, so you must add it yourself. Portable LEDs use batteries, and one is usually enough to light up the entire container. And they only need to be replaced once or twice yearly. Now, you won’t have any difficulty looking for your belongings. You can also increase container accessibility with vertically opening rolling doors that offer wider entrances. They can be placed on either side of the container and are suitable for workshops, warehouses, or retail spaces.



You can also fill your container with shelves, making it a lot easier to store more delicate items. Besides fragile items, these shelves also allow you to maximize the space in your container, letting you keep even more things there. 


Ventilation Systems:  

Unlike older containers, newer shipping containers have four or eight vents instead of two small fans. While they let air pass, you can seal them to ensure no water comes into the storage container. Large openings in the construction facilitate better airflow, which prevents moisture from accumulating. They can also protect your items from mold and other insects or parasites. 


Electrical Systems: 

You need a fully functioning electrical system to turn your shipping container into a living space. Extra lights, outlets, and potentially heating and cooling should be in your container. Modern containers can also be very modular; many contractors have experience working with them. So, it is relatively easy to convert it into a liveable space.


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These accessories are essential to helping you set up your container as a storage unit or a living space. Besides being surprisingly roomy, they make for great living spaces or places for storage, especially if you have the right accessories. At Mini Warehousing in Mansfield, MA, we offer various accessories to elevate your storage container.