4 Factors To Consider Before Renting a Storage Unit

4 Factors To Consider Before Renting a Storage Unit

Winter is here and the snow will surely follow in your yards! This is a time where you cannot leave items outside of your home or business – due to water and ice. In addition to these factors, there are some others you should consider before you rent your own unit!

1. Security. You will want your belongings to remain safe during their time in the unit!

2. Environment. Your things should be kept dry and free from any animals! A climate controlled unit is a good way to keep your items safe from the harsh elements in the winter – and warm temperatures in the summer. 

3. Convenience. You will want the storage unit to be accessible to you and easy to navigate. 

4. Insurance. Some facilities offer insurance to homeowners – OR you can add to your current plan to protect off site property.

In the end, it is all about finding a storage solution that fits your needs the best. Be sure to talk with your storage unit facility, and see what options are available.